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Child Support and Custody Modifications ◦ Boise, Idaho, Lawyer Practicing Collaborative Law

In a case of an existing child custody and visitation order, a material change of circumstances may require a formal modification of the order. This change may be necessary as a result of situations such as the following:

  • Allegations of family violence, child abuse or neglect
  • Loss of gainful employment or loss of domicile (i.e., homelessness)
  • Military service abroad by either parent
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • One parent plans to move out of state and wishes to revise the custody and visitation schedule

It is important to note that the court is unlikely to allow a custodial parent to relocate out of state for a job or for any other reason if there are any minor children involved in the case.

However, if drugs or violence is not the reason for the change, divorced parents may be able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement even in tough cases such as move-away (relocation) cases by way of collaborative law. Collaborative law methods allow separated or divorced parents the opportunity to avoid costly litigation and settle family law disputes in privacy and dignity.

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Modifications to the basic guidelines that determine child support can be made in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Travel expenses may be figured into the child support equation if the parents live far apart.
  • Parents can agree to provide support beyond the age of majority or to jointly finance college expenses.
  • The child may possess assets (such as a trust or inheritance) that affect the burden of support.

In these and other situations that may require an adjustment to the child support award, once the divorce and support order is issued, these matters are enforceable through the courts.

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