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Collaborative Post-Decree

Boise, Idaho, Lawyer Practicing Post-decree Collaborative Law

When custody and support orders need to be revised after a divorce or child custody order has been finalized, collaborative law may be a workable approach — particularly when both parties (ex-husband and wife or separated unmarried parents) share the goal of avoiding costly and stressful post-decree support or custody litigation.

Naturally, parents may disagree on the best solution when the parent with whom the children live most of the time wants to move away out of town or out of state and take the children with her or him. An existing spousal support order may seem reasonable to one ex-spouse, but unreasonable to another in light of changed income levels or changed marital status of the one who receives alimony.

Traditional litigation may be a way to resolve these dilemmas, but it may deplete a family's entire savings in the process. Despite the breakdown of a marriage or domestic partnership in personal terms, both parties usually want to avoid unnecessary legal battles. Collaborative law offers ex-spouses or separated parents the opportunity to resolve their disputes on their own schedule, in the privacy of attorneys' offices, for the sake of the greater good of the children and the couple.

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Our offices in Boise offer Idahoans the same opportunity people in many other states and countries have to settle their family law issues in an atmosphere of safety and civility.

The right collaborative divorce attorney can help you and your husband, wife or domestic partner negotiate important details and avoid the specter of a public trial about your private family matters.

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