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Child custody and visitation are often highly contested matters in divorce. Child custody agreements and orders are also important for legal protection of all parties concerned in unmarried-parent circumstances. At Everman Mediation & Law PLLC, we provide experienced and thoughtful representation to fathers and mothers who are seeking to ensure the best interests of their child or children are protected.

The collaborative law approach offers parents the opportunity to craft their own custody and visitation agreements on their own terms, on their own schedules and in the privacy of their own attorneys' offices rather than before a randomly appointed judge in a courtroom.

Joint custody is the norm in Idaho when parents are divorced or separated, unless one of the parents is unfit or totally absent or uncooperative. The courts recognize that the more both parents remain connected with their children, the better it is for the children in the long run.

Shared physical custody is an apt way of describing a co-parenting arrangement whereby the child or children live for significant amounts of time with both parents. The division of time may be anywhere from the traditional (every other weekend plus summers and holidays with one parent and the remaining time with the other parent) to a more equal split such as alternating days or weeks.

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Mutually beneficial custody and visitation arrangements are not always easy for separated or divorcing parents to agree on. When there is high conflict and mediation or a collaborative approach is not feasible, custody evaluators, a guardian ad litem and a trial may be required to arrive at an objective determination of the children's best interests.

Whether establishing or modifying a child custody or visitation arrangement, we always strive to balance our client's needs with the long-term best interests of the child. If you are being denied visitation rights, you should seek the help of an experienced attorney to help you file the necessary motions to help ensure your rights are protected and the orders of the court are followed.

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