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Collaborative Law: Results

Family Conflict and Dispute Resolution ◦ Boise Collaborative Lawyer

Clients of Everman Law Offices and Mediation Services in Boise, Idaho, often express appreciation for the effectiveness of the collaborative law process that is a hallmark of this law firm.

As one client stated, "It was really difficult to act like an adult during my divorce process, but I'm really glad I was forced to do so through the collaborative law process."

Collaborative law is a process by which both parties (divorcing spouses or separated parents) agree to settle the terms of their own divorce or custody arrangement on their own terms, on their own schedules, in privacy and without the need for an acrimonious court battle. Collaborative law is a civilized, reasonable and rational way for two people and their attorneys to design workable agreements to account for the issues that must be settled, including the following:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Custody and visitation modifications

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Results of collaborative law often include the following:

  • Couples save time and money.
  • Family law disputes are resolved in private.
  • Couples have an investment in the resulting divorce or custody order, which is not mandated by a judge, but rather, reached through rational and reasonable negotiations involving both parties and their lawyers in a law office setting.

Contact us today to schedule a detailed free consultation with a dedicated Idaho collaborative law attorney at Everman Law Offices and Mediation Services in Boise. Weekend and after-hours appointments are available for your convenience.

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