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Idaho has very specific child support guidelines that set the amount paid by the noncustodial parent for the general support of a child. This amount is based on both parents' incomes and is designed to maintain the child's or children's standard of living after a divorce.

If a child stays with one parent overnight more than 25% of the time, Idaho considers that parent to have shared custody and applies a different calculation to determine the child support due. In most situations, however, the state orders support that is roughly equal between the parents when matters such as day care and medical expenses are factored in.

Parents are also required by law to provide for medical insurance if they can reasonably afford to do so through their employer or through one of the low cost state programs available. The parent responsible for maintaining insurance is dictated in the divorce through what is called a medical support order.

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Modifications to the basic guidelines that determine child support can be made in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Travel expenses may be figured into the child support equation if the parents live far apart
  • Parents can agree to provide support beyond the age of majority or to jointly finance college expenses
  • The child may possess assets (such as a trust or inheritance) that affect the burden of support

These and other situations that may require an adjustment to the child support award, once the divorce and support order is issued, require the involvement of the courts and their enforcement powers.

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