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Everman Mediation & Law PLLC in Boise, Idaho, is above all a client-centered family law practice . Our clients appreciate our law firm's dedication to creative and cooperative methods of dispute resolution. We work to provide our clients with all available means to avoid the emotional and financial costs of unnecessary and potentially lengthy litigation.

We know family law matters are vitally important. For this reason, we are goal-oriented. Our family-friendly conference room is a living room with a fireplace. We know people want and need to put divorces and custody disputes behind them and get on with their lives.

We put a lot of thought and care into helping men, women and children move forward with the help of our transitions coach. We teach communication skills, pay close attention to financial issues, and take into account extended family relationships that are affected by a marital break-up or a child custody modification.

Our clients' concerns range from relatively simple separation agreements and divorce proceedings to complex and highly emotional child custody cases involving allegations of abuse and neglect. We apply the principles of collaborative law whenever possible to family law disputes.

We believe the right family law attorney for you is the one who is most interested in finding a real and lasting solution to your disputes and disagreements in an optimally cost-effective and low-stress manner.

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We hope you will choose to take advantage of the collaborative law approach. At the same time, we are well prepared to follow the traditional courtroom process in a divorce or custody dispute, when necessary. Either way, we will stand by your side to protect your rights and those of any children involved in family law matters such as the following:

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